All the latest bikes comprehensively tested. If we don’t think a product is worthy of our hard-earned, we won’t tell you to part with yours for it. That’s the promise we make with our bike and equipment tests. For all our tests we guarantee that:

  • They’re conducted by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable riders in the business.
  • Ratings are awarded only after a thorough testing process on a variety of terrain.
  • Tests are independent, and in no way influenced by our advertisers.

In most cases, we fit control tyres, bars and stems to the test bikes to ensure a level playing field and to highlight differences in handling. Tyre pressures are equalised to keep grip levels identical. We also weigh and measure the bikes ourselves, because this data doesn’t always tally with the manufacturer’s official figures. The numbers you read in the tests are the actual angles and measurements.

Our ratings are awarded out of 10, with 10/10 being the top mark.

1-4  Means something’s wrong. Possibly a design flaw or a major weakness.
5-6  OK – one or two faults but has potential
7  Worth considering
8  Very good – for the money, we’d buy it
9  Excellent – a slight mod or two and it might be perfect
10  Simply the best!


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The Jamis Dakar has always been a strong contender in our entry-level, budget full-suspension bike test. But with the category shifting to embrace the improved rollover and stability that bigger…

Score 6

Polygon Siskiu T8

The Polygon Siskiu is a hard hitting 29er trail bike with 135mm of travel and a 140mm fork. Dig a little deeper however, and you quickly discover that this isn’t…

Score 9

Vitus Mythique 29 VRX

When we tested the original Mythique 29 back in 2019, we were blown away by the suspension performance, build kit and frame quality. But we criticised the 29in version for…

Score 10

Lightweight, mid-power e-bikes are the hot ticket right now, and none are coming in hotter than the new Shuttle SL from Pivot. Based on a 29er trail bike platform that…


If you like your bike to have eye-catching looks and innovation aplenty, then the Antidote Woodsprite will certainly catch your eye. This lightweight trail bike features a unique rear-mounted shock…

Marin Rift Zone XR

From a brand steeped in heritage comes a bike that focuses on the stuff that matters: suspension, handling and price. Check out our guide to the best mountain bikes Need…

Yeti SB160

The first generation Yeti SB150 was an instant classic and one of the best enduro bikes of its time, winning our hearts and minds from the very first pedal stroke.…

YT Jeffsy Primus kids bike

Those who think the youth of today have it too easy look away now, because this Jeffsy Primus is a kids’ bike at least as cool – if not cooler…

Scott Genius 900 ST Tuned

It’s been five years since Scott launched a new Genius. That feels like like a lifetime, and not only in development terms compared to the current best trail bikes on…


The Specialized S-Works Turbo Kenevo SL works its magic in many different ways, but at the root of them all is its superb blend of stability and agility.

Score 8

While there’s a long line of brands promising lightweight, mid-powered e-bikes, Forestal has already delivered not one, but two models, both with 29in wheels. There’s the 150mm travel Cyon for…

Score 8

“Hey mate, that E-bike is really quiet”. Not once. I had that comment three times on one ride. Okay, so a Saturday afternoon at Cannock Chase isn’t the World Cup…

Canyon Spectral CF 8 K.I.S.

This new steering stabiliser was conceived by Syntace, developed in conjunction with Canyon and is fitted to one of the brand’s best trail bikes. It aims to improve control and…

Cotic Rocketmax 150 Gold XT

Cotic is probably best known for its hardcore steel hardtails, originally the Soul and more recently the BFe. And what started out in the Peak District over 20 years ago…

Score 9

Orange Switch 7 SE

When it comes to manufacturing bikes in the UK, no one can accuse Orange of simply flag waving. Based in Halifax, and with over 25 years of manufacturing knowhow, it…

Score 10

Hope HB916

Hope has a lofty aim. It doesn’t just want to build bikes in the UK, it wants to make every single component right on its doorstep in Barnoldswick. So while…

Score 9

YT Capra Core 2

YT’s Capra has always been one of the hottest enduro bikes on the market, and this latest entry-level option makes a versatile step up for plenty of trail riders. Need…

Trek Fuel EX

Trek has launched a brand new version of the Fuel EX trail bike, and with it a ton of new features and updates to address pretty much any quibble you…