Let your bike know who’s the boss with the help of our tailor-made MTB fitness sessions.

It’s a common misconception that top level mountain bikers spend all day in the gym. But this simply isn’t true. In as little as two hours per week, you can do as much off-bike training as some pro riders.

By training sensibly you can fill in strength and intensity deficits in a short space of time each week, eliminate areas that are holding you back and reap massive benefits when mountain biking.
What you need to get started
Gym Level 1 – The weekend warrior

1 Kettlebell
Pull-Up Bar
Resistance Bands
Total cost: £100-150

Level 2 – The Quietly Competitive

Gymnastic Rings (TRX)
Medicine ball
Plyo Box (bench)
Cardio equipment
+ All Level 1 kit
Total cost £250-300

Level 3 – The Ultimate Rider

Barbell & Weight Plates
Squat Rack
Watt Bike or Rowing machine
+ All Level 1 and Level 2 Kit
Total cost £2,000-2,500

Fundamental exercises

How to: the press-ups
How to: squats
How to: pull-ups
How to: deadlifts

Fitness for mountain bikers
We all want to be better riders. Weather it’s railing corners faster, learning to jump, muscling up steep technical climbs, or simply reacting to terrain in the blink of an eye and making better line choices. The end game is to keep improving and have a blast doing it.

But just like any physical pursuit, practice alone won’t make perfect. You need to train, because being stronger and fitter will make every other aspect of riding easier. And while we’re all happy to spend hours on the bike working on specific skills, or simply riding around hoping to improve, a more focused approach can bring more rapid results.
Your coach

Jonny Thompson is head coach for Fit4Racing, an online fitness programme for mtb riders. Once a forensic scientist, Jonny has devoted the last 10 years to coaching athletes from Paralympians to world number one enduro racers. His main focus with the Fit4Racing team is developing and delivering fitness programmes to pro and amateur riders.

Training the likes of Adam Brayton, Jonny also sends digital programmes to riders all over the world, many of whom ride professionally.
More info and exercises below
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