With more than twenty models the range of Five Ten mountain bike shoes is baffling. Don't worry, we've sorted them all out into this easy-to-follow guide.

Adidas Five Ten regularly features in our list of the best mountain bike shoes, but the footwear king has an extensive and sometimes confusing range of options. Such that shoes that look the same can often perform differently thanks to different materials, construction and rubber. Which is why we’ve created this guide to which Adidas Five Ten shoes are right for you.

Five Ten mountain bike shoe models

Flat pedal:

Trailcross XT (trail/hiking), Trailcross LT (trail/hiking), Trailcross Gore-Tex (winter), Freerider Pro (trail/enduro), Freerider Pro Primeblue (eco-friendly), Impact Pro (DH), Impact Pro Mid (DH with protection), Freerider (old style trail), Freerider Primeblue (eco-friendly), Sleuth (lightweight trail/Dirt jump)

Clip-in pedal

Kestrel (XC/trail), Hellcat Pro (DH), Hellcat (DH/enduro), Hellcat Pro BOA (DH/enduro racing with BOA closure)

There are a few different types of rubber that Five Ten bike shoe soles are made from, each have different pros and cons, which we’ve listed above for you to reference to.

Five Ten Stealth rubber types

  • Stealth Mi6: 52a durometer, Five Ten’s grippiest rubber, superior cushioning
  • Stealth S1: 64a durometer, Five Ten’s most versatile rubber (grip, cushioning, durability)
  • Stealth Phantom: 65a durometer, essentially coloured version of S1
  • Stealth C4: 76-80a durometer, typical skate shoe-style grip
  • Marathon: n/a durometer, harder wearing less grippy rubber

What about women?

Men’s and Women’s models are all called the same (albeit with a ‘Women’s’ suffix) and are the same design and spec. The size range and colourways are the only difference, thus the info and advice below is true for both the Men’s and the Women’s versions.

From what we call see, the only MTB shoe not offered in a Women’s version is the Kestrel Pro Boa clip-in DH race shoe.

Adidas Five Ten Freerider Pro

Adidas Five Ten Freerider Pro

Five Ten Freerider Pro

The benchmark flat shoe for trail riding

Riding type: Trail/enduro | Pedal type: flat

Lighter and quicker drying than the basic Freerider models. Toe protection box. The same dotty Stealth S1 sole as the regular Freerider. OrthoLite sockliner, in other words an ergonomically shaped insole. But the absolute key significant thing that the Freerider Pros have over the regular Freerider is a moulded EVA midsole. Which sounds like the most boring thing ever but this layer of shock absorbing material between the pedal and the rider’s foot adds a whole load of added comfort and control to the ride. Read review of the Five Ten Freerider Pro.


Five Ten Sleuth

Five Ten’s version of a casual skate style shoe

Riding type: Casual/dirt jump | Pedal type: flat

Pretty much a casual shoe for MTBers. Non-Stealth rubber. Nothing overly fancy in terms of uppers material. Nothing in the way of toe box or heel cup protection. Think of it like a skate shoe except from Five Ten and not Vans. And like Vans, the Sleauth is also available in a slip-on version (most definitely not recommended for MTB!)

Adidas Five Ten Sleuth DLX

Adidas Five Ten Sleuth DLX

Five Ten Sleuth DLX

Capable of milder riding in milder conditions

Riding type: Casual/dirt jum | Pedal type: flat

The first shoe in Five Ten’s range that can legitimately be called a mountain bike shoe. Sleuth DLX is biased a bit more towards actual MTBing, complete with Stealth Phantom rubber sole, toe box protector and heel cup. Good enough for less extreme riding in fairer terrain and weather. We suppose you can kind of think of it as a more casual Freerider. Available in a mid-top cut called the Sleuth DLX Mid for £110). We’d still opt for the cheaper classic Freerider (unless you can find Sleuth DLX shoes at a healthy discount).

Adidas Five Ten Freerider

Adidas Five Ten Freerider

Five Ten Freerider

Most people’s first Five Tens

Riding type: Trail/enduro | Pedal type: flat

The Freerider. Full stop. No suffix. The entry level Five Ten. A single- or multi-coloured upper made from suede and mesh. Dotty tread pattern made from Stealth S1. Arguably significantly less fancily constructed upper compared to the Sleuth DLX but – and it’s a very big but – the sole is proper Stealth S1 dotty sticky rubber. Which is want counts on the trails.

Five Ten Freerider DLX

Wet weather version of the Freerider

Riding type: Trail/enduro/winter | Pedal type: flat

Five Ten have taken the basic Freerider and gone with a “quick drying” DWR (durable water repellent) treated upper to reduce the wet weather sogginess that regular Freeriders can suffer from. Still rocking the Stealth S1 dotty sticky rubber sole. Five Ten don’t come out and say it, but these are pretty much the Five Ten Freerider Elements with a new name.

Adidas Five Ten Trailcross

Adidas Five Ten Trailcross

Five Ten Trailcross LT

Next generation hike-a-bike

Riding type: Trail/adventure | Pedal type: Flat

Targets ‘adventure’ activities as much as all-out mountain biking, and uses a mesh upper and Stealth Phantom rubber outer sole. Compared to a Freerider Pro, the ankle cup is higher at the back and lower on the sides too. The Trail Cross has a much more flexible and thinner upper and tongue than the Freerider Pro. Something of an oddball from a UK point of view but for those riding in alpine and/or arrid terrain, they may make more sense. Also available as Trailcross XT high-top cut for £130. Read review of the Five Ten Trailcross LT.

Adidas Five Ten Hellcat

Adidas Five Ten Hellcat

Five Ten Hellcat

Clip-in shoe for trail riding

Riding type: DH/enduro/trail | Pedal type: clipless

Essentially a clipless pedal version of the Five Ten Impact XVi, the new Hellcat is lighter and lower-profile than ever. 3/4 length shank is designed to be stiff when pedalling but offer some flex when hiking. Dotty Stealth C4 rubber sole. Laces and Velcro top strap closure.

Adidas Five Ten Hellcat Pro

Adidas Five Ten Hellcat Pro

Five Ten Hellcat Pro

For racers and weight weenies only

Riding type: DH/enduro racing | Pedal type: clipless

The differences between this Pro and the regular Hellcat are subtle and, to be blunt, pretty irrelevant for most riders. The uppers are lighter and made with abrasion resistant joins (called “weldings” by Five Ten) and there’s an ergonomically shaped footbed/sockliner inside. Most clipped in riders will be fine with the regular Hellcat but pros and racers looking for all the margincal gains they can get, the Hellcat Pros will see you very well. The Hellcat Pros are also a tad more splash-proof than regular Hellcats.

Adidas Five Ten Kestrel

Adidas Five Ten Kestrel

Five Ten Kestrel Lace

Stiffer soled power pedalling pumps

Riding type: DH/Enduro | Pedal type: clipless

The key things of the Kestrel are all in the sole. The cleat box is much bigger than the old Maltese Falcon, allowing more greater pedal compatibility as cleat positioning. The sole in stiffened up by a nylon shank. The heel cup is non-slip. The sole is Stealth C4 rubber. Laces plus Velcro top strap closure.

Adidas Five Ten Kestrel BOA

Adidas Five Ten Kestrel BOA

Five Ten Kestrel Pro Boa

For high level gravity racing

Riding type: DH/enduro racing | Pedal type: flat

The Kestrel Pro Boa is like the Kestrel Lace but even stiffer and has a Stealth C4 rubber sole. Its closure is a Boa design rather than laces and the uppers were made from hydrophobic materials.